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  • Our sheds are built heavier than most.

  • We take pride in high quality.

  • Our studs are on 16" centers rather than the standard 24"

  • We use 7/16" OSB rather than 3/8"

  • We use 6 x 6 skids on our standard sheds rather than 4 x 6


  • These are important but the best is next.


  • Our Sheds (other than the mini-shops) have a 9" overhang all around that helps keeps the rain off of the wall andlooks much more esthetically pleasing then many standard sheds out there.

  • Also our doors are built heavy. They do not warp and twist.

    • We start off by choosing nice straight boards and build a frame flat ways.

    • Next we staple a piece of OSB to the back side of the frame.

    • On the front side we staple a piece of LP smartside primed panel.

    • The result is a heavy, stable door that will hold its form for years to come.

    • The LP smartside panel can be painted and will hold up for many years without repainting.

    • We use heavy hinges and also latches that can be latched and opened whether you are outside or inside the shed.

    • Check out our door pictures on this page....


  • A shed is a very worthwhile investment... but keep in mind that not all sheds are created equal. Once you have purchased one... you are stuck with it for a long time.

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